Our Sugar Cookie Journey

Sweet Sanctions... What does that mean? We’ve had many options in choosing a name for our company. What we fell in love with about this name however, is that among its many meanings, we felt it best described what was in our hearts. Sometimes words can have contradictory meanings as does life, but to us, the word sanctions stood out as a positive light. It means support and encouragement from community; action and approval; a law. And most importantly to us, a consideration, influence or principle that dictates an ethical choice.
Our company is continuously inspired by our customers' generosity and charity, as well as their unique sense of individual style and taste. Our vision is to serve our community by continuing to contribute and participate in charitable functions and set an example of the type of home where we are all neighbors, while providing a cutting edge alternative to traditional dessert opportunities. We hope to create an exciting buzz in Coastal Hampstead, NC as we look forward to becoming a special part of your memories, moments, and dreams. Besides...what better “law” to follow than a Sweet one.

Yours Truly,
The Reddinger Family